What our students have to say…

“Alisa’s course work was excellent, I felt I could take this to my director and the tools gained to better retention would be an asset to my company.”

“Karen Horning is a great teacher – she engaged the class, was very interactive and knowledgeable about HR. She also was well spoken and could break down the course work in a way that made sense to a student already working in HR or not.”

“The class was relevant and strong because Alisa Guralnick has lots of current knowledge and experience in HR that she openly shared for discussion.”

“Karen is an excellent instructor! She brings superb industry knowledge that she shares every step of the way to make the course relevant to today.”

“Alisa is an excellent instructor, great group exercises, easy to put what I’ve learned to work right away! I love the good common sense take-aways that affirm what you have learned, especially dealing with CEOs or managers who are difficult.”

“The wonderful professor, Karen, really challenged us to think outside of the box and explained reasoning behind certain areas based on her experience in consulting.”

“I’m very satisfied with Alisa. She was very passionate and delivered everything very clearly. The class was well organized in terms of the balance between theories and exercises.”

“Karen is engaging, has a good sense of humor, provided great real life examples, and was extremely knowledgeable on the subject.”

“Alisa is one of the best instructors I have had at UCSD!!!”

“Karen is a superb communicator. Her slides were relevant and up-to-date. She is on top of her game!”

“Alisa Guralnick is an excellent teacher. She engages the class in discussion and encourages class participation. She was thorough and very knowledgeable. Alisa was organized and well prepared so we were able to move through the materials and address issues and questions quickly.”

“Dr. Karen Horning did a FANTASTIC job of providing a great primer and overview for work within the HR profession. Her experience within the field proved highly beneficial throughout the course and her teaching methods were highly effective. A job well done!”

“Alisa covered a lot of material in a short amount of time. She kept the class interesting and fun.”

“The instructor, Karen, is awesome. She is educated and used real life experiences to enhance the class.”