Employee Recognition: Best Practices
By Alisa

Deciding to create an employee recognition program is a no-brainer. Employees want to be valued and appreciated for their work. Employers want employees who are happy and productive. So, creating a recognition program is a great idea. First, decide on some basic elements, such as: rewarding length of service, giving spot awards, and recognizing noteworthy performance. All of these can have a place in a well-rounded recognition program. Start with some simple ideas and expand the program over time.
Next, create (and get approval for) a budget for the program. Having a solid budget allows you to figure out how to effectively spend whatever funds you have. And it’s no good to have a great idea you can’t afford to implement. You can have a mix of cash and non-cash awards, but having a budget makes it real to management, and the approval process will ensure some amount of buy-in from the top.
Then, gather a team to help you decide on the types of awards you’ll offer, and how you’ll decide who gets what. Having team members from all levels of your company will help ensure fairness and that you’ll have enough diversity to truly reward all types of employees. What’s meaningful to the managers may not be meaningful to the receptionist. You want your program to resonate across the company.
Then, implement your plan, and track your results! It’s a good idea to get feedback and revisit your program frequently, especially in the first year, to make sure it’s getting the best bang for the buck.

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